Vaper's Glossary: G - P


Kanthal is the most common type of metal used to create coils.


mAh is short for milliamp hour and is a unit of measure for the capacity of smaller sized batteries, like the ones in your vaping device.


Mesh is a strip of metal mesh, made out of either kanthal or stainless steel, that is used to create coils, rather than the metal wire that most coils are created with.


This term is used in vaping to define the device you use. The term 'mod' usually refers to a vaping device that has adjustable settings and allows you to attach different tanks to it. Mods can have built-in batteries or replaceable batteries and come in a variety of sizes. The more rectangular and bulky ones are sometimes referred to as 'box mods' due to their box-like shape.


This is a vaping style where the user pulls vapor into their mouth and then inhales what is in their mouth into their lungs. This style of vaping is more similar to smoking a traditional combustible cigarette or cigar. Mouth-to-Lung vaping is usually employed with less powerful devices, like pod systems, as more powerful devices simply produce too much vapor and heat to reliably vape in this manner.

Ni 200

Ni 200 is a 99.6% pure nickle alloy that exhibits good corrosion resistance. Ni 200 wire is used fairly often in the creation of coils meant for use in temperature control mode. Ni 200 SHOULD NOT be used in wattage mode, as Ni 200 will oxidize at very high temperatures and release particles that are harmful to inhale.


Nicotine is an addictive chemical and mild stimulant that is most commonly associated with tobacco, but can be found in a wide variety of natural plants. Nicotine is typically sourced from tobacco due to the higher concentration of nicotine found in tobacco leaves.

Ohm Ω

An Ohm is a unit of measurement used to specify the electrical resistance of a coil.

Pod Vape

A pod vape is a small and low-powered vaping device that utilizes a refillable pod, rather than a tank with replaceable coils like traditional vapes do.


This is the process of saturating a new coil's wicking material with e-liquid, either by manually applying the juice to the wicking material or allowing the coil to sit in a full tank (if applicable) of juice for a short period of time.

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