Pod Vape Starter Kits

Now that you've decided what how you want to consume your nicotine and have chosen to go with a pod vape, it's time to learn a little more about them and how to choose one that's right for you! I'm hoping that exclamation mark made the prospect of reading some more sound exciting!

It seems like the never-ending story, but you're almost done, I swear.

You're probably wondering what a pod vape is and why they're called that at this point, so we'll cover that first. Pod vapes utilize refillable pods, rather than tanks like traditional vapes do. I'm sorry to disappoint those who were expecting a more complicated explanation.

On the left is a pod system and on the right is a traditional
vape mod with a tank on top.

There are other things that set pod vapes aside from traditional vape kits, of course. Pod vapes are much smaller in size, easier to use, and designed for low-power output. The low-power output means you'll be vaping mouth-to-lung, a style more similar to smoking, as opposed to direct-to-lung and you'll be getting modest cloud production, allowing you to vape a bit more discreetly. The modest cloud production and low-power is usually much easier for people to adjust to when they first start vaping, as opposed to something higher-powered that really chucks clouds.

Pod vapes come in all shapes and sizes.

There are a few different broad types of pod systems, largely based on what types of pods they use: those that utilize pre-filled pods, refillable pods, and reusable pods. Each type has its drawbacks and benefits, which we're going to briefly delve in to, so that you'll have some idea of what you're looking at when it comes time to choose a pod vape.

A variety of different pods. Left to Right: Pre-filled pod, refillable pod,
reusable pod.

Pre-filled pods means that you'll be buying proprietary pods that have already been filled with juice, similar to the Juul. This is by far the simplest option. You simply buy a pod, slap it into your device, and start vaping, then you throw it away when it's out of juice. There isn't much to learn aside from how to charge your vape and how to put the pod in. While pre-filled pods are the simplest option, it is also the most expensive and limiting option. You're stuck only being able to buy pods made by that one manufacturer and you're only able to choose from the handful of flavors that they've made available.

An Assortment of pre-filled pods. These pods are sold with juice
already inside of them and you can't refill them.

Refillable pods are often going to be the best option for most people who are new to vaping. They retain the “use it then toss it” simplicity of pre-filled pod vapes, but allow you to refill them until the coil inside of the pod starts to taste burnt. Usually you'll get about a week out of a refillable pod, instead of the 24 to 48 hours most people get out of a pre-filled pod, making it much more cost effective. Not only that, but you'll be able to choose from the vast amount of juice on the market and find a flavor that you may enjoy more.

An example of a refillable pod. These are sold empty and you
fill then refill the juice. This pod belongs to the Aurora Play.

Reusable pods are refillable as well, but rather than tossing the entire pod when it starts to taste bad, there is a removable coil installed in the pod that you replace instead. This option can sometimes be even cheaper than refillable pods, as the coils are usually lower in cost than entire pods. Pods with replaceable coils often allow you to hone in a bit more on the vaping experience you would like, as manufacturers tend to provide multiple coil options. There are some drawbacks to this route though: reusable pods are a bit more complicated than refillable pods and they're often utilized on higher-powered pod vapes that can sometimes be a bit too much for people fresh on the vaping scene.

An example of a reusable pod. On the left are the coils that fit inside
of the pod. This pod belongs to the Smok Nord.

Pod vapes also come in a couple different flavors as far as draw style goes: auto-draw and push-button. Auto-draw just means that when you want to take a puff, you simply put your lips to the device and inhale. Push-button means that when you want to take a hit, you push a button on the device and then inhale. Auto-draw is great for smaller mouth-to-lung inhales and are the most similar to cigarettes, while push-button pod vapes will typically allow you to take a longer and more lung-filling inhale.

A push-button pod vape next to an auto-draw one. The push-button
one on the left is the Smok Nord and the auto-draw on the right
is the Suorin Air Plus.

Pod vapes are usually paired with high nicotine content eliquid which, even with their low-power output, will allow you to get a satisfying fix of nicotine in a minute or less and then carry on with your life, making the small battery size practically a non-issue. Keep in mind that you don't have to use salt nicotine in your pod vape. If you find yourself wanting less nicotine after a while, you can always switch over to normal 50/50 ejuice with a lower nicotine content.

Different styles of juice. Salt Nicotine juice is typically sold with
anywhere from 25mg to 50mg of nicotine, while normal juice
is sold with 0mg to 24mg of nicotine.

All of these features are reasons why we've recommended them for those who lean more towards physical addiction and don't want to habitually vape all day long. They're unobtrusive devices and, paired with salt-nicotine, will give you your fix in a shorter time than almost anything on the market.

A whole lotta pod systems.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics concerning pod vapes and why we've recommended them for people who just want to satisfy their physical addiction to nicotine, we can get to the recommendations! For this list we tried to include pod vapes of a variety of draw styles, sizes, and power levels, so there should be something for everyone.

Our Top Pod Vape Starter Kit Recommendations

  • Uwell Caliburn

  • The Uwell Caliburn is a good all around device, with decent battery life, fantastic flavor, and a slim form factor. The Caliburn has the added benefit of giving you the option to use either auto-draw or push-button, making it a great for those who can’t decide which draw-style they’re looking for in a pod vape. The Caliburn uses simple refillable pods and offers a smooth vaping experience. Beginners can't really go wrong with this one.

  • Lost Vape Orion Q

  • The Orion Q retains most of the simplicity of the Uwell Caliburn, utilizing refillable pods as well, while offering more battery life and a more high-powered experience. That extra battery life does come at the expense of size though, as it makes the Orion Q one of the bulkier pod vapes. Unlike the Caliburn, the Orion Q is push-button only, so you won't be able to switch between the two. If you used to smoke stronger cigarettes, like American Spirits, or just think you want a little more power, this is the one for you!

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  • Suorin Air Plus

  • The Suorin Air Plus is the first pod vape on this list that offers different pod choices. There is a lower-powered 1.0 ohm pod, which offers a toned-down and smooth experience, and 0.7 ohm pod, which will put out more vapor and pack a bit more of a punch. The Air Plus is an auto-draw device, uses refillable pods, has a large battery, and is very simple to use. This is a great choice for people who want a little more variety or a bit more power coupled with the simplicity of auto-draw and refillable pods.

  • Smok Nord

  • The Smok Nord is the most powerful pod vape on this list and the first to use interchangeable coils, rather than refillable pods. There are three different coil options available for the Nord, with two different mouth-to-lung coils to choose from, and a powerful 0.6 ohm direct-lung coil. The Nord also has the largest battery of the bunch, with an 1100 mAh battery packed into it. This pod vape isn't all sunshine and roses, though; It's a bit more complicated than the other options on this list, as you'll have to learn how to change and prime coils.

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