Suorin Air Plus vs Suorin Air

Suorin Air Plus vs Suorin Air

by Taylor

When it comes to refillable pod systems in the vape industry, Suorin has made quite the name for themselves. Shortly after Juul started rising to success, Suorin introduced the Suorin Air. The Suorin Air was the first of the Suorin family and showed consumers that refillable pod vapes can be just as good or better for the community than Juuls. The Suorin Air is still one of the thinnest and lightest refillable pod systems available. It is roughly the same size as a standard credit card and has a relatively large, 400mAh battery, which offers a reasonable amount of battery life in between charging cycles. Depending on the amount of charge in the battery, the Suorin Air can deliver between 9-16 watts of power, perfect for nicotine salt eJuices, like what is found in the prefilled Juul pods.

The Suorin Air kit comes with a 2mL refillable pod that offers a MTL (Mouth to Lung) draw to simulate the pull of a traditional cigarette. With a 1.2Ω coil built into the pod, and the long-lasting battery, you are sure to get a smooth and powerful hit from start to finish.

Now you might be asking, with such a game changer like the Suorin Air, how could something get any better? Building off the success of the revolutionary Suorin Air, Suorin has now released the revamped Suorin Air Plus pod vape kit! Featuring an upgraded chip set, a much-improved battery capacity of 930mAh, higher maximum power output of 22 watts and more, the Air Plus sets a new standard in pod vape systems!

The compact size and shape of the Suorin Air Plus is greatly inspired by the original Air design. With a size only slightly larger than the original Suorin Air, they have somehow managed to squeeze in more than twice the battery capacity and still only have the Air Plus weigh in at just 42 grams, that is only 6 grams heavier than the original.

Given that the new and improved battery life is one of the main features of the Suorin Air Plus, they've also included convenient LED lights on the side of the device, notifying you of the battery power. A series of 1 – 5 LED lights will be displayed along the side, all 5 LED lights indicates battery power is above 80%, whereas 1 LED light indicates there is less than 20% battery power left and you should charge your device soon.

The refillable pods are also greatly improved with the new Suorin Air Plus, now being secured with surprisingly strong magnets, they stay in place when you need them to, but it's simple to remove when it's time. This makes the pod much easier to install and remove than it was on the original Suorin Air, which had a very finicky friction-fit system that required you to slide the pod into place in the exact same way each time. In addition to the magnets, Suorin has also increased the eJuice capacity to 3.5mL, almost doubling what the original Air could hold!

If that wasn’t enough, the Air Plus also features 2 different resistance options for the pods. The 0.7ohm replacement pod is best for freebase or regular vape juices, whereas the 1.0ohm pod is intended for nicotine salt eJuices. While either vape juice will work in either pod, they did this so people would be able to use a lower nicotine level while still getting the same throat hit that they would with a higher level.

Now, Suorin hasn't reinvented the wheel or anything with this new update. Instead they've taken every element that made the original Air such a success and simply improved on it. The question in the end is, should you ditch the original and go grab one of these new and improved models? With more battery life, more power, larger capacity pod and even optional coil resistance depending on which type of vape juice you prefer… Suorin knocked it out of the park with this one and if you’re happy with the original Air, the Air Plus will be nothing short of an upgrade. If your original Suorin air is starting to show its age and looks a little rough around the edges, the Suorin Air Plus gives you the perfect excuse to buy something new.

We hope you enjoyed the read! The Suorin Air Plus is a fantastic device, despite its wordy name. If you have any questions or just want to chat about vaping feel free to shoot us an email at or message us on our Vaporleaf Facebook page. If you want to buy a Suorin Air Plus for yourself, go ahead and click on that link. If you want to check out our selection of handcrafted vape juice, click on that link. If you just want shop around or read more vape articles, go to our website here: Vaporleaf.

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