Getting Started with Vaping

So, you want to start vaping and you’ve been thinking about picking up a starter kit? There are a few different broad types of starter kits, and once you’ve narrowed down the general type of starter kit you want to purchase, it doesn’t end there. Within each ‘type’ of starter kit exists hundreds of options, all available for purchase. While it can get overwhelming and seem needlessly over-complicated, the amount of choices that vaping has to offer is a good thing! It ensures that, regardless of the type of person you are and what you’re looking for in a device, there is a vape out there that will suit you perfectly, if you’re willing to do a little digging. We’re here to help you with that digging!

There are a couple different types of nicotine addiction, each one with it’s own respective type of vape starter kit that will tackle that addiction best. It basically boils down to these: Habitual addiction and Physical addiction. Physical addiction is right there in the name! It’s your bodily need for nicotine and when your body is deprived of that sweet, sweet, nicotine, your body goes through withdrawal. Habitual addiction is the addiction to the habit of smoking. It manifests itself by causing you to smoke when you don’t really need the nicotine. It’s what causes you to light up every time you get in the car, or light up when you’re bored and need something to do with your hands, regardless of when the last time you had a cigarette was.

An assortment of pod systems.
Left to right: Renova Zero, Suorin Drop, Juul, Aspire Nautilus AIO, Suorin Air

If you think you lean more towards the physical addiction than the habitual, pod systems would be a great fit for you! They’re small, compact, and easy to use devices that are normally paired with high strength e-liquid. Pod vapes will allow you to get a fix of nicotine as quickly as possible and then carry on with your life. Rather than smoking a cigarette for five minutes, you can potentially get the same amount of nicotine in a minute or less and carry on with your life. Not only that, but they’re the closest thing to cigarettes in terms of draw style.

The Joyetech ECO AIO, a popular intermediate starter vape.

If you lean more towards the habitual side and would rather get your nicotine over the course of ten minutes or so because you enjoy the act of smoking or because it gives you something to do, then an intermediate vape starter kit is perfect for you! These are typically paired with a lower strength nicotine, from 24mg down to 3mg, and will allow you to get that nicotine fix while also allowing you to vape more frequently and for a longer amount of time before you hit your nicotine limit. Intermediate vape kits are a great starting point as they’re easy to use, though not as simple as pod vapes, and they feature a draw style similar to that of a cigarette.

If you’re of the habitual type that enjoys the act of smoking, are the type of person to lean back in a recliner and puff on a cigar, or if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day, a high-powered starter kit might suit you well. Higher-powered vape starter kits are typically paired with an even lower strength of nicotine, usually 12 mg to 3 mg, and will potentially allow you to enjoy vaping for half an hour or more before you start feeling like you’ve had too much nicotine. Jumping into the deep end with one of these might not be a good idea for heavily addicted smokers, but for light smokers they can be a fantastic option. High-powered starter kits are about as dissimilar to the draw style of a cigarette as you can get, but they also feature larger batteries, more impressive cloud production, and better flavor.

We hope this made things a little easier for you! There’s only a little bit more reading to be done and then you’ll be well-informed and ready to purchase your first vape!

If you see yourself leaning more towards the intermediate style vape kits, click here for a guide to choosing your first one!

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