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Welcome to the Vaporleaf blog, the education and review focused off-shoot of Vaporleaf.com. If you've ever had a question about vaping, saw a word and found yourself with no clue what it meant, or just wanted to look at some reviews and do a little reading, you're in the right place! You'll find vape reviews and vaping education in both written and video form, as well as a bunch of other vape content. We've recently undergone a bit of a remodel on the blog, so in case you're an old reader and weren't aware, you can access any of the following content by simply using the menu near the top of the page to navigate there. Keep reading to see what's here!

Vape Guides

This section is for the completely new vapers out there that could use some guidance picking out their first vape. We cover the basics of nicotine addiction and walk you through figuring out which type of vaper you will most likely be and which type of vape will probably suit you best, while attempting to make it as short and easy-to-read as possible. After that, you'll get a brief rundown on pod vape kits, intermediate (i.e. AIO-style) vape starter kits, and high-powered vape kits, as well as some recommendations! Picking out a vape can be complicated but we're here to make it a little easier for you!


This is where you'll find the run-down on all different types of gear; From pod vapes to sub-ohm tanks, we've got it covered. You'll be able to gawk at pretty photos of things you probably shouldn't spend money on, but know you're going to anyway, while learning how it performs, what its specs look like, and, obviously the most important thing, what we think of it.


This is the spot to be if you're looking for educational vape-related articles covering a variety of topics. We have articles geared towards every type of vaper, whether a vaping novice or an experienced vaper, so there's something for everyone! Our article section, much like the rest of the blog, is constantly expanding, so be sure to check back often!


If you don't want to focus on a page of text and would prefer to just lean back in your chair and watch a vape video, here is where you want to be! From vaping how-to videos, both general and device-specific, to video reviews of mods and pod vapes, it's all covered. We focus on providing simple, easy-to-follow, and factually correct videos, so while we may lack flashy intros, we try to make up for it with some quality vaping content.


If you've ever stared at a word in a vape review on Reddit trying to figure out what it meant, we've got just the thing for you! Vaping has a lot of very cryptic or technical-sounding words that make gleaning the meaning next to impossible for people, so we've created this glossary to help. Our glossary is a comprehensive list of nearly all of the most commonly used terms in vaping along with simple and easy-to-read definitions. Anybody should be able to look up a word in here and understand what it means!

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