Voopoo Drag 2 Kit Review

New resin color options for the Drag 2 Kit. My favorite colors are Puzzle (center) and Ink (second from right)
The new Voopoo Drag 2 Kit has arrived at your local vape shopA creditable successor to the famous and loved Voopoo Drag, the new and improved Drag 2 still looks and operates like the original with a few welcome changes. When you're updating something that's already great, it's best to make small changes to avoid ruining it.

A well loved original Drag (left) next to my new Drag 2 Kit (right)
As for looks, Voopoo has improved the laser etching to make it not so bright, modified the magnetic battery door, released new resin color options, added a plastic lens in front of the screen, made the device smaller as whole and my favorite, made it more comfortable to hold. On the insides, they have changed the chip format a little, raised the wattage from 157w to 177w, made the temperature control options easier to cycle through and used a different plastic for the battery bay which I am hopeful will hold up a bit better than the later model. All of these changes add up to deliver you a device that is not only easy on the eyes but also easy to use.
The size difference between the old Drag (left) and the Drag 2 (right) is considerable
The Drag 2 seems to be just as fast and accurate as the original, which is still top of the line for performance. To my dislike, they have kept the temperature control system the same, which those who have used it first hand will know it was always uninspiring. The wattage limit of 80w seems to continually under-power just about all temperature control coils I've tried. However, with the ability to adjust the TCR, you can compensate for the low wattage fairly well.
The temperature is adjustable from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit

Admittedly, the FIT modes leaves much to be desired as an experienced vaper. For a beginner however, these modes could be an easy yet satisfying experience without having to remember all the extra numbers that comes along with a traditional power mode. FIT modes 1, 2, and 3 are battery saver, flavor and cloud mode, in that order. Battery saver mode, or FIT mode 1, is lower powered. This is a disadvantage because not only is it not as strong of a hit but it could potentially kill your coils faster than normal.
The FIT modes are very beginner-friendly
The flavor mode, or FIT mode 2, starts the power off low and builds up as you hit. This mode is only beneficial if you are using smaller Uforce coils or maybe a different vape tank entirely due to how some of the larger coils are designed, it can be hard to get the full hit from that kind of power. In cloud mode, or FIT mode 3, again this mode seems to only work as intended with smaller lower powered coils; as for larger coils, this mode doesn't quite seem to adequately power them. All in all, these FIT modes are quite a clever addition for beginner vapers or vapers who prefer a simpler, easier to use setting.

Talking about different modes, it's worth mentioning the temperature control materials (SS, Ni, Ti) have been grouped together, so when you are cycling through the modes all you have to do is click the fire button once to select a material. To get back into wattage or power mode, all you have to do is click the fire button three times. This is much improved over having to press the fire button three times for each temperature control material.
Drag 2 battery door
An aspect of the new Drag 2 I have yet to come to a consensus on is the 18650 battery bay. It's not too different from the original, however they are using a different plastic now. The original Drag's plastic could crack over time with a bit of abuse, I am hopeful that the new plastic in the Drag 2 will hold up better over time. The battery door has also been modified to fit on the box mod instead of in it as well as beefing up the magnets on the top and bottom of the door. There is still a little bit of wiggle room when placed on the box mod which can result in a clicking noise if you move the door back and forth. That can be seen as good or bad, depending on how much you like to fidget with your device, so I'll leave that up to interpretation.  
A nice addition to the Drag 2 is the tinted plastic lens over the screen. With it being tinted, the lens looks nice, giving the screen some depth that it did not have before, as well as some much needed protection. However, it does dim the screen a little bit. You can brighten it up some in the Voopoo software through your computer and maxing out the screen's brightness, even at max brightness though, it's still a little on the dim side. It's nothing detrimental, but it feels like a bit of an over-sight.  

The Uforce T2 vape tank, included in the kit with the Drag 2 box mod, caught me by surprise. Trying out the N3 triple mesh coil, I was blown away by the flavor; there are only two or three other vape kits with comparable flavor.
I used Quik Bliss, Vaporleaf's strawberry milk flavored ejuice, as it's one of my favorites and I am very familiar with how it tastes on all kinds of different tanks. The strawberry notes comes through exceptionally bright with the milky cream balancing it out perfectly with a light sweetness. This tank has some next level flavors that has to be experienced to understand.
In addition to unbelievable flavors, the Uforce T2 features an easy to use slide-to-open top fill cap that stays closed when you need it to. As well as, bubble glass as standard, tons of available air-flow and a color matched drip tip to the resin plate. I've become quite the fan of this tank and it's now on my short list of favorites.

At the end of it all, the heir to the famous Drag, the Voopoo Drag 2 is praiseworthy. Nearly better in every way, while remaining true to the original concept, we are presented with a well-designed, simple, yet capable mod with an even better price.

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You can find the Drag 2 kit and much more on our website at Vaporleaf.com

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