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Vaporleaf Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

The holiday season is upon us!  For many this means snowy weather, spending time with loved ones and lots of great food.  Thanksgiving week is also the season of unbeatable deals.  Black Friday has become a nationwide event of epic proportions, a day of pandemonium where the masses bundle up and brave the cold in hopes of saving big on hot merchandise.  It can be an opportune occasion to start gift shopping for friends and family or to acquire something perhaps slightly unobtainable you've had your eye on all year.  As a means of joining in on this joyous occasion, we at Vaporleaf have hand selected a wide variety of top notch vape gear to offer at rock bottom prices.

Kanger Pro Tank 3 ~ $9.95
Nitecore i2 Charger ~ $10.00
EVOD Pass Thru 650 mAh ~ $12.95
Kanger GenitTank Mini ~ $13.95
EVOD VV Battery 650 mAh ~$14.95
Ego-T2 Upgraded 650 mAh ~ $14.95
Ego-T2 Pass Thru 650 mAh ~ $14.95
Kanger GeniTank ~ $14.95
Kanger GeniTank Mega ~ $15.95
Joyetech C-Twist 650mAh ~ $1…