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How To Choose The Right Pod Vape Kit

With the vast sea of pod vape kits that are now available and manufacturers constantly releasing new designs, it's next to impossible to figure out what's good, what's bad, and why. We're going to figure out how to find the best pod vape kit and what makes a great pod kit.
The first step of course is figuring out whether a pod kit is right for you. Pod vapes are typically designed for low power output, which means you'll be vaping mouth-to-lung as opposed to direct-to-lung, you'll be getting modest cloud production, and they will typically serve occasional vapers better than all day vapers due to their often diminutive size. If you're looking for huge clouds and big direct-to-lung hits, then you're probably going to be looking elsewhere.
I say that pod kits are better for those who aren't going to be vaping every minute of every day because pod kits are generally quite small, and there's only so much battery you can fit into such a small packag…
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As 2019 approaches, many people will be making the switch to vaping. With so many products on the market, it can be extremely difficult to find the right vape for you and even harder to find something that's beginner friendly. In order to make the change as smooth and successful as possible, we've put together a list of the best vape starter kits for 2019!
Yes, seriously. Even though the Juul is considerably more expensive than other options, it's small, light, incredibly easy to use, and might even be a little cheaper than buying cigarettes. The 5% nicotine salt in Juul pods provides a nicotine hit that's very similar to the nicotine that you get from the average cigarette, and with Juul introducing 3% nicotine pods, you'll even be able to wean yourself off of nicotine a little more effectively. Between its low skill requirements, familiar feel, and a small variety flavors to choose from, it can be extremely effective in helping you switch to vaping. As succ…

Voopoo Drag 2 Kit Review

The new Voopoo Drag 2 Kit has arrived at your local vape shop! A creditable successor to the famous and loved Voopoo Drag, the new and improved Drag 2 still looks and operates like the original with a few welcome changes. When you're updating something that's already great, it's best to make small changes to avoid ruining it.
As for looks, Voopoo has improved the laser etching to make it not so bright, modified the magnetic battery door, released new resin color options, added a plastic lens in front of the screen, made the device smaller as whole and my favorite, made it more comfortable to hold. On the insides, they have changed the chip format a little, raised the wattage from 157w to 177w, made the temperature control options easier to cycle through and used a different plastic for the battery bay which I am hopeful will hold up a bit better than the later model. All of these changes add up to deliver you a device that is not only easy on the eyes but also easy to use…

Vaporleaf Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

The holiday season is upon us!  For many this means snowy weather, spending time with loved ones and lots of great food.  Thanksgiving week is also the season of unbeatable deals.  Black Friday has become a nationwide event of epic proportions, a day of pandemonium where the masses bundle up and brave the cold in hopes of saving big on hot merchandise.  It can be an opportune occasion to start gift shopping for friends and family or to acquire something perhaps slightly unobtainable you've had your eye on all year.  As a means of joining in on this joyous occasion, we at Vaporleaf have hand selected a wide variety of top notch vape gear to offer at rock bottom prices.

Kanger Pro Tank 3 ~ $9.95
Nitecore i2 Charger ~ $10.00
EVOD Pass Thru 650 mAh ~ $12.95
Kanger GenitTank Mini ~ $13.95
EVOD VV Battery 650 mAh ~$14.95
Ego-T2 Upgraded 650 mAh ~ $14.95
Ego-T2 Pass Thru 650 mAh ~ $14.95
Kanger GeniTank ~ $14.95
Kanger GeniTank Mega ~ $15.95
Joyetech C-Twist 650mAh ~ $1…